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What is CRT



New Science Breakthrough “Balancing Act” Leads to Amazing Results & Recoveries

For chiropractor Dr. Mark S., healing was believing. While attending a professional conference in 2010, he limped into line to receive a demonstration of a chiropractic technique he had heard of but had not tried. Just a few weeks prior he had suffered a serious knee injury.

“I had very limited range of motion in my knee. I could only flex it a few degrees,” he says. “And I didn’t know what to expect because I was watching people ahead of me in line and it just looked like they were getting their necks stretched.”

He lay down on the table when it was his turn and received the treatment, which took only a minute. Standing back up, he found all the pain in his knee was gone – and so was his limp. He even was able to squat down to the floor.

“I had pretty tremendous results, not really knowing what had been done to me,” said the doctor. He had just experienced the Cranial Release Technique, a gentle stretching of the muscles at the base of the skull. The goal of CRT is to restore proper alignment and movement to the bones in the head, impacting the nervous system.

So, what is Cranial Release Technique? Cranial Release Technique (CRT) is a natural, hands-on approach to releasing the body’s inborn capacity to heal and regenerate itself. CRT can be applied in only minutes, yet it has profound effects on overall health and well-being. Cranial Release Technique works to restore proper function to the nervous system and proper balance to body structure. Thus, it has positive effects on conditions ranging from aches and pains to overall health and wellness. CRT makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s health care regimen.

How is Cranial Release Technique different?
Cranial Release Technique arose out of a new school of thought. CRT considers the cranium, and all of the many tissues affected by the cranium and nervous system, in a corrective approach. The CRT approach differs in that:

The entire cranium is “Released” or restored to normal function with one process.

This “Release” of the bones of the skull initiates a release of all of the tissues and structures associated with the cranium. These include:
  • The spine and pelvis.
  • The extremities: shoulders, hips, knees, etc.
  • The Dura Mater (the protective covering over the brain and spinal cord).
  • The Fascia, a connective tissue envelope which runs head to toe, front to back, side to side and surrounds every organ, muscle and vessel in the body.
  • The cerebrospinal fluid flow which is vital to the health and proper function of the nervous system.
  • The “Global Release” provided by the Cranial Release Technique has very far reaching positive effects on overall body function. This is due to the extent of tissues and structures involved.
  • This overall “Release” of cranial and body structure can be accomplished in just minutes using the targeted CRT approach.
Local Doctor Specializes in CRT


Sandy Chiropractor, Dr. Lance Rawlings, has specialized in CRT for the past six years. After performing nearly 40,000 CRT sessions and seeing the various remarkable results, Dr. Rawlings says that the work he does today makes him feel that the first 28 years of his career are a little bit ‘obsolete’. Since becoming a certified CRT Practitioner (the only one in Utah) he has noticed better results with patients than when he relied on standard adjustments of the spine. “I have never seen anything do what the Cranial Release Technique can do.”, says Rawlings. Additionally, many patients are pleasantly surprised once they realize gentleness of this powerful technique.


CRT Introductory offer!

In an effort to reach out to those of you who would like to regain your health and experience more balance in your lives, Dr. Rawlings is offering the following “New Patient CRT Package”:
  • Consultation
  • Physical Examination
  • X-rays (if necessary)
  • Report of findings
  • First CRT session
  • (A $200 value for…$59)

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