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*“Lance Rawlings is such a gen·u·ine person and has help me heal more than just an physical sense. He is such a caring and giving person. I recommend him to everyone I meet. Because I believe in him. He is also so funny and sometimes it's not always about the treatment but how someone makes you feel and that affects how we feel and helps you change within with our hearts. Thank you Rawlings!”
​Steven Guzman

*“Dr. Rawlings and the CRT (Cranial Release Technique) are a miracle. Every time I visit him I leave his office with my head and body tingling with relaxation.

Care for the whole body by working on spinal corrections and blood flow.

Great Chiropractic full body care and long term freedom from pain.

Dr Rawlings knows his craft and what he can do for your body to fix the deep issues not just a bandaid covering.”
Richard Nance

*“Awesome experience. Everyone is super helpful. Dr. Rawlings has an exciting new approach to chiropractic work. My son thinks he is a "magician".”
Cheryl MacKay

*“Simply AWESOME. He is the only Dr doing cranial release therapy in Utah and I have never slept or felt better.”
Travis Slade

*“My 5 year old son has suffered from chronic headaches for 2 years that were so severe we have had to start some pretty strong medications to manage them. He has been seeing Dr Rawlings for about a month and has been able to lower his medications and has had minimal headaches since. Dr Rawlings is amazing and so patient and fun loving with children. I would recommend him to everyone! My son even jokes and refers to him as "Dr Magic"”

*“I was referred to Dr.Rawlings by my father. The office is very inviting,Dr.Rawlings in an artist and has his worked displayed throughout office(cool to see). He is very informative and thorough and makes sure to get all questions answered. He is amazing,and my body feels 10x better. HIGHLY RECOMMEND:)”
Hayley Mehaffey

*“I really love this office and would recommend it to anyone! Both doctors are awesome...the ladies are so sweet and they let me work out an EASY payment plan until my insurance kicks in next month! Big thanks to Ann for all her help in explaining how the payments would work, and she even made sure it was within my budget. She's even wonderful enough to call and work out my benefits with my insurance once I have my card so I don't have to do it. Thank you Dr. Rawlings for the AMAZING CRT, and adjustment. I slept better than I have in months!”
Erica Erickson

*“What a great experience I had at Dr. Rawlings Clinic. His approach was a little different than what I experienced at other offices and I feel my results were better here. He does some of the standard techniques but also a different adjustment called cranial release therapy and it seems to work well. I would recommend this office to everyone in need of a good chiropractor.”
Paul Geller

*“Great guy, great Chiropractor, great place. Experienced and legit.”
J.T. Peterson

*“Dr. Rawlings is great. I have been seeing him to help with my headaches and general tightness in my shoulders and neck. I like that he uses Cranial Release Technique and feel like it has been helping me. He also gave me some techniques to do at home, and explained each technique he was using, and how it affected the body. I appreciate all the help he has given me, and his staff is great too. Thanks!”
Rachel H

*“I had a great experience resolving some discomfort I had. Knowledgeable and helpful I was good as new in no time.”
John Abrams

*“I so recommend this Dr, you see immediate results on chronic pain after one treatment. I for sure bringing my family to see him!”
Gloria Arredondo

*“I absolutely love this clinic. The staff and physicians are wonderful to work with. The CRT treatment is perfect for so many issues and I can feel my body several hours later adjusting itself even after a manipulation. The physicians are easy to talk to and are really interested in helping me become healthy and feel better without the use of drugs. If you have chronic headaches or back pain, this is the office to go to . They work with all insurance companies and help set you up with an affordable payment schedule if needed. I will be returning to this clinic as often as possible for treatment and recommend this clinic to anyone with health issues.”
Ann Wescott

*“It made me moving around with about 60-80% difference in my pain. I was able to move much better”
Perry Cardwell

*“I love this place! Dr. Rawlings is Awesome and always makes my back feel so much better! I highly recommend this Chiropractor!”
Aaron Mills

*“Dr. Rawlings is super professional and has a great, fun personality. He's been practicing for a very long time and knows his stuff. He'll get you feeling better in no time. I've had headaches for years and once I started regular visits to Dr. Rawlings' office my headaches all but disappeared. Make an appointment today. You won't be sorry.”
Kelly Pipkin

*“Dr. Rawlings is a caring and competent Dr. and always addresses my needs. He listens to my complaints and sets out to remedy the problem. I drive all the way from Sugarhouse to see him. He is tops in my book. I have been seeing Chiropractors since 1968. I have had good ones and bad ones, Dr. Rawlings is one of the good ones. ”
Ray Menasco

*“The staff are really friendly and do a great job!”
Lee Martinez

*“I loved the CRT that gives more me relief than an adjustment. Dr. Rawlings is a joy to be around and so is his staff. The environment is relaxing and inviting.”
Sadie Western

*“Ive recommended so many people to Dr Rawlings- SOOO many. Ive never heard one complaint. They love him. CRT (Cranial Releas Technique) is something I have never experienced before. It has helped with my with pain relief, stress relief and I definetly sleep better. You must go in and experience CRT.”
Toni Renteria

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